The Enabler (twistdmentality) wrote,
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friends only

this bitch be semi-abandoned locked
better luck: tumblr
Tags: livejournal: friends only
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Lots of stuff popped out at me when I read your intrests so I added you :) And that puppet!Angel icon made me giggle like some kind of maniac. Not that I'm some kind of maniac. ::coughs::
hii. add me?
Hi, we have some common interests i.e. Jossverse, VM, GA, the O.C so I thought I'd add you. Add me? :)
Added :D


10 years ago

I saw you posting a little bit about yourself in nemo88s journal, and I decided that I MUST have you on my flist ;) because it seems like we obsess over the same shows and OTPs. :) So I'd love to have you as a new LJ Friend. :)
*sigh* If you MUST have me on your flist then I guess I could....

Nah, I'm kidding. I'd love to add you.


10 years ago

hey, you added me over on that friending meme, just thought I'd add you back x
So...I see that you like Moonlight and Mick/Beth. Also Grey's Anatomy and Lost. May I friend you?
Hi. Stopping by to ask permission to post an advert at ned_and_chuck for another shipper comm. I know it's not expressly against your comm rules but I also don't want to make waves. Affiliates?

The ad would look like this:

Come Join ned_olive

Thanks for your consideration! ♥
Hi, we seem to have some interests in common, add? =)
Added! =]
Hii, I'm wunderkinddd's best friend.. she told me to add you because you love LoVe, and so do I! I'm starting season 3 this week.

Anyway, add me? :D
So, yeah, I suck. I totally admit that. I'm so sorry it took me this long to respond. Some crap has been going down in rl that's taken my focus away from the internet.

You're wunderkinddd's best friend? Awesome! We've been totally fangirling it out about Veronica Mars and it's always great to add more the party.
Hi I'm Georgia, we have some interest in common, so I thought we could be friends.
hey :) I love VM and Heroes soo much. Add? :D
Hey, I came across your LJ off michaelandsarah. It seems like we have a few ships in common (Michael/Sara, Buffy/Angel, Logan/Veronica and probably more). So if your interested in having a new, loyal LJfriend - let me know.

New friends are welcome any time. And we actually have quite a lot in common. Adding now.
We have things in common(heroes,doctor who,lost,bsg...).Friend me?
Hey, sorry it took so long to get back to you but you've been added.
We have a ton in common. Add? :)
Added :)


8 years ago

Hi there! You seem pretty awesome, I'd love to be friends :)
Hey! Sorry it took so long to respond but I just added you.
Found you by way of your Heroes Nathan/Claire pic spam and even though I've tried to restrain myself, I simply must friend you. Hope that's okay. We've got a lot of the same interests, plus you just seem straight up awesome :)
It's more than okay. I'm happy to be spreading the Nathan/Claire love.
Hi there.

I saw your Glee Video and noticed that you're a fan of T:SCC and Chuck.

TSCC, Chuck, and Glee? You're a keeper. Adding.
Hey! We seem to have a lot of common interests (including TV). Add me?
Added :) Though I suck for taking so long to get back to you. Nothing quite like a first impression.


7 years ago

We may only have one mutual friend, that actually was where I found you, but we do have tons of mutual interets so I would love to be friends with you if you don't mind. :)
Added. :)
I adore your picspams (the ones I can see at least, lol), so I added you (:
just friended you. love to see other TSCC fans!
As my fave John/Cameron vid maker I wanted to friend you - and now I find that you're a chuck/sarah fan as well! Yes, I definitely find you interesting... epecially since you were kind enough to do the shirtless chuck picspam!
I see we have a lot common interests [ UB, Himym, The office, Bones, etc.] :D
add me? ;)
Added. Welcome to my crazy.
hey!!! i came across your nathan/claire picspam and just about DIED because well, i love them and the thought that we wont be getting stuff like that anymore killed me :( we also have quite a lot of ships/fandoms in common (heroes, glee, gossip girl, dollhouse)

im friending :)
Oh, Nathan and Claire. I wanted that relationship to develop for ages. So, it figures they finally pay attention to it right before they kill Nathan. And we do indeed have quite a lot in common. Adding now.


7 years ago

Wanna Add ?
i luv posting comments :P
it's my thing :P
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