The Enabler (twistdmentality) wrote,
The Enabler

friends only

this bitch be semi-abandoned locked
better luck: tumblr
Tags: livejournal: friends only
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We seem to have alot in common esp TSCC
Fox should be shot
or at least we should get a movie

Im also obsessed with Lost, Heroes, GA etc.
Im Stella btw :D
Add meh please <3 ?
Hey! I need more Glee friends and you make such pretty stuff for Finn/Rachel. I would love if we could be friends. :D
Adding now.
As a Glee fan, and a huge fan of your Rachel/Finn videos, I would love to be friends!!
Adding now.
i'm a huge glee fan (i'm sorry, but i can't wait until april. they better give me some good rachel/finn stuff, and they better start being nicer to rachel!) and i would love to have another glee fan on my fl. (it's my new journal, so i have like no one!) that i can obsessive with and we can talk about how far away april is!

no hard feelings if you don't add me back!
Sorry for the delay but adding now.
I could always use some more Glee love on my flist. :)
Everyone could always use some more Glee love on their flist. Adding now.
add me please. i love your glee icons i've seen from other users!

Hey ! Sorry to bother you but I was wondering, where do you post your icons ? I saw some Lea/Jonathan icons on your userpics and I love them :) It's so hard to find good L/J icons around here !
Oh my god, I'm sorry for taking so long to respond.

I do have an icon community, loveandsquish but there isn't any L/J icons up there. Hopefully, I can manage an update soon and I'll pimp that around glee_icons.


7 years ago

hi sweets. this is younglucille's new account. my posts aren't posting for some reason. add me again? if not, no hard feelings. ♥ love ya boo.

also if this is an old journal, im sorry. i am just going through my list. XD

Deleted comment

You win just with the Lea and Jon icon. Throw in F/R? Just fantastic. Adding now.
Just added you because of mutual interests :)
one word; GLEE!!!^^ we also have alot in common like; lea michele, veronica mars,chuck...
wanna be friends? btw; i'm pam

ohh, may i ask you where do you find all those amazing lea/jnathan icons from your profil?? i'm looking for so long for some good icons.
I saw that you loved Spring Awakening and Glee.
Which is awesome! :]
i absolutely love your Glee icons!

please add me?

Deleted comment


I could use more Glee fans on my flist and I love Finn/Rachel.
We have other things in common too.


hey,i dont know,i dont have a reason :p
i saw your jornal and i love it,ehm we like glee♥
would you add me? :)
I noticed you loved Veronica Mars. I'm a fan too, and was wondering if I could add you?
Came across your lj looking for Glee stuff - add me?? ;)
Heyyyy, I absolutely love your journal - it has GLEE and RACHEL BERRY, my two favourite things ever. <3 Adding you!
Hey I see you're Glee fan ; ). Would you like to add me ?
We seem to have a lot in common, most especially F/R, and we're both Tumblr users! I added you, feel free to add me back :D
Loving Jon and Lea, and Glee as well! =D
I'd love to be added! <3

It's actually bizarre that were not friends already,lol. We're apart of alot of the same comms, and we both love Glee.
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