The Enabler (twistdmentality) wrote,
The Enabler

friends only

this bitch be semi-abandoned locked
better luck: tumblr
Tags: livejournal: friends only
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It seems we have an awful lot in common.
I like your work. Be alright if I friend you?
omg i love glee too!!
its my life!!rachel&finn&jesse<33!
be friends&add me?
your rachel pic spams are epic

add me?
gleek (:
And I love your Rachel picspams, like everyone else.
Friends ?
I'm actually shocked that we aren't friends yet.

(Raychel sent me your way - I'm ~strobes on tumblr)
Oh, hey. Let me give you a proper welcome to my abandoned lj.

Story of my life. I have no energy for full posts and graphics wind up going on tumblr anyway. The only thing I really post anymore is fic, and that's at my creative comm. Oh, my life.

I just use this place to whore my Rachel picspams. Tumblr is just so tempting with how fast and easy it is. I do kind of want to get back into the groove of things a little. I never did get to give Groff/Jesse a proper love letter.

Plus, I can use all my pretty icons and gifs that are bigger than 500kb.

I LOVE you work! We also share our glee love!
Could you friend me?
I notice that we have a lot in common such as Glee, TVD, FNL, and some. And we ship Dan/Serena, Finn/Rachel, and some. So add?
I’ve recently started a blog, the information you provide on this site has helped me tremendously. Thank you for all of your time & work.

Hey sweetie, I know you from Tumblr. I just found a rec to one of your Katherine vids here and I was like OMG! YAY! So I'm going to add you and be off to watch that.
HI! I literally just got into Glee! Slow, i know! But I absolutely adore Jonathan Groff! He's my fav eventhough he's not a series regular...totally thinks he should be! Could you add me please? I discovered ur blog after getting super into glee and would love to see more of your posts! Plus, i'm also a huge TVD fan! Haha! Thanks! :)
That is really helpful. It provided me a number of ideas and I'll be placing them on my web site eventually. I'm bookmarking your blog and I'll be back. Thanks again!

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