The Enabler (twistdmentality) wrote,
The Enabler

friends only

this bitch be semi-abandoned locked
better luck: tumblr
Tags: livejournal: friends only
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Found you by way of your Heroes Nathan/Claire pic spam and even though I've tried to restrain myself, I simply must friend you. Hope that's okay. We've got a lot of the same interests, plus you just seem straight up awesome :)
It's more than okay. I'm happy to be spreading the Nathan/Claire love.
Hi there.

I saw your Glee Video and noticed that you're a fan of T:SCC and Chuck.

TSCC, Chuck, and Glee? You're a keeper. Adding.
Hey! We seem to have a lot of common interests (including TV). Add me?
Added :) Though I suck for taking so long to get back to you. Nothing quite like a first impression.


8 years ago

We may only have one mutual friend, that actually was where I found you, but we do have tons of mutual interets so I would love to be friends with you if you don't mind. :)
Added. :)
I adore your picspams (the ones I can see at least, lol), so I added you (:
just friended you. love to see other TSCC fans!
As my fave John/Cameron vid maker I wanted to friend you - and now I find that you're a chuck/sarah fan as well! Yes, I definitely find you interesting... epecially since you were kind enough to do the shirtless chuck picspam!
I see we have a lot common interests [ UB, Himym, The office, Bones, etc.] :D
add me? ;)
Added. Welcome to my crazy.
hey!!! i came across your nathan/claire picspam and just about DIED because well, i love them and the thought that we wont be getting stuff like that anymore killed me :( we also have quite a lot of ships/fandoms in common (heroes, glee, gossip girl, dollhouse)

im friending :)
Oh, Nathan and Claire. I wanted that relationship to develop for ages. So, it figures they finally pay attention to it right before they kill Nathan. And we do indeed have quite a lot in common. Adding now.


8 years ago

Wanna Add ?
i luv posting comments :P
it's my thing :P
We seem to have alot in common esp TSCC
Fox should be shot
or at least we should get a movie

Im also obsessed with Lost, Heroes, GA etc.
Im Stella btw :D
Add meh please <3 ?
Hey! I need more Glee friends and you make such pretty stuff for Finn/Rachel. I would love if we could be friends. :D
Adding now.
As a Glee fan, and a huge fan of your Rachel/Finn videos, I would love to be friends!!
Adding now.
i'm a huge glee fan (i'm sorry, but i can't wait until april. they better give me some good rachel/finn stuff, and they better start being nicer to rachel!) and i would love to have another glee fan on my fl. (it's my new journal, so i have like no one!) that i can obsessive with and we can talk about how far away april is!

no hard feelings if you don't add me back!
Sorry for the delay but adding now.
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